Monday, April 25, 2011

Waiting on Jesus

There is a prospective client that I’ve been trying to land since January.  I’ve had two lunch meetings with my contact there, and in our last meeting, he assured me that, yes, they do want to engage our services.  To get things going, there has to be a meeting with a couple of other people.  We’ve been trying for the past two months to get this meeting scheduled.  Last Thursday, it finally made it onto the calendar.  The meeting was scheduled for 3:30 this afternoon.  At about 1:45 this afternoon, I received a call from my contact.  The key person was not in the office today, and the meeting has to be rescheduled. 

For some reason, I’m not bothered by this.  It is frustrating, I’ll admit, but this morning I had told my wife that for some reason, I had a feeling the meeting would be rescheduled.  As much as I want this deal to go through, I think I’m finally learning that if God wants it to happen it will happen.  When it does happen, it will be at the perfect time, because God’s timing is perfect.

During Andy’s sermon yesterday, he read over a verse that caught my attention.  He didn’t comment on this verse, but I made a note of it on my iPhone while we were sitting in church.  The verse is John 11:6:  “So, when he heard that Lazarus was ill, he stayed two days longer in the place where he was.”

Lazarus was the brother of Martha and Mary.  Mary was the one who had anointed Jesus’ feet with oil and wiped it with her hair.  Jesus knew all three of them, and verse 5 says that he loved them.  But when he received word that Lazarus was at the point of death, he didn’t leave and go immediately to his side to heal him.  He didn’t even speak the word, which he could have done, to heal Lazarus from where he was.  He simply stayed where he was and allowed Lazarus to die. 

When Jesus made his way back to their house, Lazarus had been dead and in the tomb for four days.  Martha ran to meet him and said “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.”  When Jesus got to the house where Mary was, Mary said the same thing to Jesus.  But then Jesus showed them that he is not limited by time, or even by life or death.  He went to the tomb and said, “Lazarus, come out.”  Lazarus came walking out of the tomb, and Jesus said, “Unbind him and let him go.”

If Jesus can do that, he can make my meeting happen.  And when it does, I know it will be in his hands.  So until then, I’m going to wait patiently on Jesus and trust him.

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