Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I grew up in a Christian home but …

It seems that I often hear this phrase.  Our church has baptism frequently, and almost every time, at least one person has this phrase in their testimony.  They grew up in a Christian home but didn’t understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus.  They grew up in a Christian home but they just saw Christianity as their parents’ religion.  They grew up in a Christian home, but when they went off to college, they walked away from God.  I’m glad these people have come to understand and accept a relationship with Jesus.  It’s evidence of God’s abundant grace.  But I wonder why so many grow up in a Christian home but just don’t get it?

I’m sure there are many reasons.  Perhaps the parents are Christian in name only, going to church and trying to be good people, but are not true followers of Christ.  Or maybe the child grew up just seeing the Bible as academic and not as God’s personal letter to us.  Maybe a friend had a greater influence on them than their parents did.  Whatever the cause, it’s always great to see that there are those that do come back to a personal relationship with Jesus.  But sadly, there are many who don’t.

This past Sunday, I was encouraged as a high school aged girl gave her testimony before she was baptized.  She started with, “I grew up in a Christian home AND ….”  There was no “BUT” in her testimony.  Her countenance was full of joy as she talked about her relationship with Jesus and how her family and her church had pointed her to Christ.  Her testimony wasn’t dull at all, giving evidence to the fact that you don’t have to have a life full of regrets to have an effective testimony to share.

I don’t remember her name, but I pray that she will continue to grow in God’s grace.  And if you have a “but” in your testimony, rejoice in the fact that God’s grace is sufficient for you.  He loves the “ands” and the “buts”.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”  II Corinthians 12:9 ESV

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