Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Leading Little Ones to God

When our boys were young, we would read to them every night before they went to bed.  One of my favorite books to read was Leading Little Ones to God by Marian M. Schoolland.  The book was first copyrighted in 1962, and explains Bible doctrine in a clear and simple way that children can understand.

We had been reading through the sections called “What Jesus Did”, “About the Holy Spirit”, and “How We Become Children of God”.  Tyler, our youngest, was about three and a half and had started reading already.  When we would read to him, he would listen intently, and we were amazed at what he would comprehend.  After we read the section on how we become children of God, Tyler would say, almost every night, “Tomorrow I want to ask Jesus to be my Savior.”  We let this continue for a while because we didn’t know if he understood what that meant.  But one night, after we finished reading, he said, “Tomorrow I want to ask Jesus to be my Savior.”  I felt prompted to ask him if he wanted to do it that night.  When he said yes, we talked about what we had read and what it meant to accept Jesus as his Savior.  I led him through a simple prayer, and as soon as he finished, he pumped his fists in the air and exclaimed “Yes!” as he had won a victory!

I asked him a few days ago if he remembered that experience, and I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t.  After he was older, he reaffirmed his faith in Christ, establishing a mark in time that he can remember placing his trust in Jesus as his Savior.  Just last week, while working at a Christian day camp, he had the opportunity to lead a second grade boy into a relationship with Jesus.  Perhaps he’ll write about that when he has time.  I’m excited to see him leading little ones to God!

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