Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Hole-in-One to Remember

According to Golf Digest, the odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one is about 12,000 to 1.  I have friends who have played golf for many years who have never made an ace.  But I’ve done it, and I know a few others that have as well.

A couple of weeks ago, my uncle, Gene Berry, made a hole in one with his first swing of the day on hole number 10 at the Links of Galloway in Memphis.  To make the day even better, he also shot a round of 73, at the age of 73!  His story made the Commercial Appeal, Memphis’ local newspaper.  Way to go Uncle Gene!

My hole-in-one was in 1998 at Fox Creek, an 18-hole executive course in Smyrna, GA.  I aced the 12th hole, a short par 3, and nobody saw it go in.  There was a mound at the front of the green that obstructed the view of the hole from the tee box.  I knew I had hit the ball well, but as we walked onto the green, my ball was nowhere in site.  My friend, Dave Davidson, happened to see it in the cup as I was searching everywhere for my stray ball.  Dave was the enthusiastic type, and I believe he was more excited about it than I was!

Ironically, the last hole in one that I’ve witnessed personally was made by Dave Davidson.  My friend, Bob, and I were playing a round with Dave at Legacy Golf Links, another executive course located right next door to Fox Creek.  Dave had endured chemo and radiation treatments for carcinoma, and was in remission.  Before he had been diagnosed, the three of us played frequently at a number of golf courses around the area.  But this was our first time to play since he had gone into remission.  We were on the 18th hole, and Dave hit a shot so pure it landed softly on the green and rolled into the cup.  Unable to contain his enthusiasm, Dave was jumping around and shouting like a crazy man!

I think I only had the privilege of playing golf with Dave one time after that.  His cancer came back with a vengeance, and he went downhill quickly.  I’m glad to know that he is in heaven with his Savior.  I’m also glad I was there to see him make his hole-in-one!

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