Friday, August 26, 2011

A New Beginning

A couple of days ago, Cheri and I helped move Austin, our oldest son, to West Palm Beach. He begins his professional career on Monday as a media producer/editor at a large church there.  We left early Wednesday morning. Austin drove his pickup truck and I drove the rental moving truck. Cheri rode for awhile with Austin, then joined me in the moving truck.

The trip was about 640 miles and we didn't encounter any delays. As we were driving down the Florida turnpike, we passed Yee Haw Junction, a familiar place for Cheri and me. We started our life together in south Florida, and as we were moving down, our car broke down at Yee Haw Junction. We had to leave it there and have it towed to our new home in Port St. Lucie.

About 30 miles later, we drove past Ft. Pierce, where I began my career 27 years ago. As we continued past Ft. Pierce and Port St. Lucie, I thought about how we started with almost nothing and how God has blessed us over the years.  Austin is starting with little, and I pray that God will bless him as well. I also pray that Austin will be faithful with what God gives him, and that he will seek God's guidance in all he does.

We've helped him build a good foundation. I can't wait to see how God uses him for His glory! We're proud of him and wish him well in his endeavors!

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