Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It Doesn’t Always Have to be Pretty

I’ve often used the line, “It doesn’t have to be pretty” while playing golf.  It’s usually after I’ve hit a bad shot that turned out well.  Recently, I’ve used it while watching Tim Tebow play quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  He seems to be improving, but even his most faithful fans have to admit, his play isn’t always pretty.  But somehow he has found a way to win, and an ugly win is still a win.

It’s interesting that he has received so much media attention despite his “ugly” play.  This past week, before the game against New England, there seemed to be more attention focused on Tim Tebow than on the then undefeated Packers who were attempting to go to 14-0 against the Chiefs.  He and the Broncos are the underdogs who have found a way to win, often in the final quarter of the game.  Everyone likes to root for the underdog, especially when they gut it out and find a way to win.  But the Tebow phenomenon is different.  There’s more to it than just finding a way to win. 

Tebow does not have the skills of a typical NFL quarterback.  If you watch his passes, they’re often wobbly ducks that miss their target.  But the Denver fans love him, and Tebow mania is sweeping across the nation.  Kids in schools are doing the Tebow pose in the hallways, kneeling down as though in prayer.  People are hearing about his incredible faith in Jesus Christ and they are observing his character.  It’s refreshing to see a professional athlete taking the blame for the bad and deflecting the credit for good to his teammates.  He has been criticized for being so outspoken of his faith in Christ, but millions of people are being exposed to it.  This past Sunday I heard the football analysts on CBS and Fox speak with respect about his character and his faith.  I was amazed to hear that!

Tim Tebow and the Broncos have experienced unusual success since he became their starting quarterback.  Who knows how long that will last?  But even though his play hasn’t always been pretty, he is proclaiming Christ on a national stage, not as the reason for his recent success on the football field, but as the foundation for his character.

We’re often hesitant to share our faith because we’re afraid that we’ll somehow make an ugly mistake.  God is more powerful than any mistake anyone could make.  Just get in the game.  It doesn’t always have to be pretty!

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