Saturday, November 1, 2014

If You Don't Have Something Nice to Say, Shut Up

I just watched Georgia lose to Florida, a team that has struggled the past few seasons. Georgia was expected to win this game. The loss is sure to eliminate them from any consideration of playing for a national championship.

Before the game was over the usual calls for the firing of Coach Richt and Mike Bobo were flying on Twitter. In my frustration, I pounded out a sarcastic post on Facebook blaming Todd Gurley for letting his team down. Gurley is probably the best player in college football this year and is sitting out a four game suspension for making a poor decision to accept money for his autographs.  In all truthfulness, he did let his team down. He let his coaches down and he let his fans down. If he had been available to play, there is a good chance Georgia would have won. They are a much weaker team without him.

Shortly after my sarcastic post, my conscience wouldn't let me rest. I began to ask if I would be willing to make such a statement to his face. If not, would I post it on his wall or tag him in a tweet?  The answer was a resounding "No!".  I realized that if I were to meet him face to face I would extend the grace to him that I would hope others would extend to me in a similar situation.

It's easy to pass judgement on others when we don't have to face them.  It's easy to criticize others for their actions when we're equally as guilty of our own offenses. The perceived anonymity of social media tempts us to say things we would never say to others face to face.  We do it to be witty, to express our opinions, or as an attempt to elevate ourselves above others. But I have a higher calling than that. If you are a follower of Jesus, you have a higher calling as well.

I deleted my sarcastic post, and even though he will never see it, I offer my apology to Todd Gurley. I want my conduct toward others to be filled with grace.

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