Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reading Magazines in the Golf Cart

It is true that opposites attract.  Cheri and I will celebrate our 27th anniversary next month, and we are proof that opposites attract.  Our interests are about as opposite as they can be.  My idea of a great date is going to a ballgame together.  Cheri would prefer to take me to T.J. Maxx where I follow her around while she looks for great bargains.  I love to go to the gym.  Cheri loves to go to estate sales.  I like to vacation at a beach resort where there are lots of people and things to do.  Cheri prefers a quiet secluded beach where she can sit in the sun and read.

One Sunday evening, after our sons had gone away to college, I asked Cheri if she would like to go to the golf course with me and ride along while I played nine holes.  She said that she would rather go to Walmart to get a manicure, something that she would do on Sundays when I would take the boys to the golf course.  But, she could tell that I really wanted her company, and I didn’t want to get a manicure (which I’ve never done), so she decided to go with me.

We arrived at the golf course, and as I loaded my golf bag onto the cart, she placed her bag of things in the cart.  We went inside to the pro shop and while I checked in and paid my greens fee, Cheri browsed the women’s golfing attire.  After I paid, we got into the cart and headed to the first tee.  The course was very empty and I thought, “I’m going to impress her with a great tee shot.”  Before I played, I told her that the boys had always helped me track my ball since I tend to lose it in flight.  What I meant was “Would you please watch my ball so you can tell me where it lands if I don’t see it?”  I teed off and hit the ball well, but as usual, I lost sight of it in flight.  I casually said, “Did you see where it landed?”  To which she replied, “Oh, sorry honey, I was looking for something in my bag.”  It was no big deal.  I found my ball in the fairway, and realized that I might lose a few balls that evening. 

I played on through the next hole with no problem, and Cheri watched and made the appropriate comments to stroke my ego as I made par.  When we arrived at the third tee I thought, “Okay, she’s into my game now.  Maybe she’ll be impressed with the way I’m playing."  I hit my tee shot on the third hole, a beautiful shot that landed in the middle of the fairway.  I was waiting to hear her say “Wow, honey, that was a great shot!”, but when I looked over to the golf cart, she was reading a magazine.  I asked her if she saw that shot, and she said, “No, was it a good one?” 

As I finished the round, I realized that we had different reasons for her to be there.  I wanted her to watch me play, while she was there just to be my companion.  I was glad she was there, even if she wasn’t into my golf game.  It was kind of like me standing at her side at T.J. Maxx while she browses the shelves for bargains.  I’m thankful that opposites do attract!

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