Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Wedding Prayer

I had the privilege last weekend of attending the wedding of a friend I have known since she was born.  We have been friends with her parents since before any of us had kids, and it’s hard to believe we’re now at the stage in life where our kids are getting married.

Candace was a beautiful bride, and her dad held his composure boldly as he handed her away to her groom.  After a brief wedding sermon, the bride and groom knelt to take communion together.  As they did, I prayed for them.  I prayed that they would grow in their love for each other.  Then I prayed that their hearts would be anchored in Jesus.  As I silently uttered that phrase, I thought about what that meant.  An image came to mind of a boat anchor at the bottom of the lake with two sturdy ropes descending from the boat and fastened securely to the anchor.  I thought of the two ropes as the bride and groom, and the anchor as Jesus.  As long as they hold fast to the anchor, nothing will ever move them away from Jesus.

We have an anchor that will hold us fast
He teaches us to love with pure love that lasts
Hold on to Jesus, never let him go
Let him fill your heart so your love will grow.

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