Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Husbands, Love Your Wives - Go See a Chick Flick

Men are terrified of chick flicks.  There’s just something about going to a movie about a sisterhood of traveling pants that makes us feel like we need a prescription for Low-T.  I don’t really know why.  Women can sit through any version of Die Hard or Terminator and walk out with their femininity intact.  We, however, feel like our manhood is threatened if we watch Miss Congeniality.

I’ve been to a few chick flicks with Cheri.  I remember one about a devil wearing Prada.  The devil was actually a highly successful fashion designer or maybe a magazine editor.  I’m still not sure when she wore Prada, because I don’t know what that is.  There was another one called Last Holiday or something like that.  Cameron Diaz went to some dude’s house in the snow for the holidays.  I’m sure at some point during one of those movies I probably got a lump in my throat and maybe a tear in the eye.  Those things are easily dismissed as allergy attacks which require a Benadryl and a trip to the restroom.  No harm done.  Manhood is still intact.

Yesterday I had a mock conversation with a friend (we’ll call him Mark) in which I suggested we take our wives to see a chick flick.  His mock response was “Why don’t you stick a hot poker in my eye instead?”  For most men, that would be preferred.  But for most of those same men, their wives sit through countless baseball, football and basketball games while sweetly letting their husbands command the TV remote.  They go to movies like Ironman, True Grit, and Black Hawk Down.  They don’t necessarily want to see the movie.  They want to spend time with their husbands and they’re willing to do that in a man’s world.

Do you want to show your wife that you love her?  Take the initiative and do something with her that you know she will enjoy.  Don’t do it because of what you might get out of it.  This is not about earning points or rewards.  This is called giving of yourself by taking an interest in her and showing her that her world is as important to you as your world is to her.  Love your wife.  Take her to see a chick flick now and then.

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